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Binghatti Beverages, the beverage manufacturing arm of Binghatti Holding was established to provide world class beverages catering to the unique tastes of the GCC and MENA region. The company focuses on capitalizing on the region’s growing FMCG industry by commercializing the traditional juice flavors ethnic to the Middle East.


The company recently invested more than AED 500 Million in a Kizad, Abu Dhabi production facility equipped with state of the art Tetra Pak filling and packaging lines. The facility sits on a plot of more than 1 million square feet and currently produces the Binghatti Beverages’ signature brand, Raubi of London.


The facility in Kizad will have the ability of producing 10 million cases of Raubi in its first year, with the capability of being increased to 40 million cases per year upon completion of plant capacity in order to cater to the growing FMCG demand in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The brand is supported by Binghatti Holding’s own FMCG distribution companies in the UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and London.


Binghatti Beverages has begun implementation of their aggressive growth strategy with intentions to enter new markets in the GCC and MENA regions before expansion into the massive markets of India, Pakistan, China, and Southeast Asia. The company intends on using the UAE’s diverse cosmopolitan community as a baseline for predicting trends in the FMCG industry over the next five to ten years.


Our mission is to provide the world with delicious refreshing high quality products at incredible value.


Our vision is to be a responsible nurturing company that makes a difference and maximizes returns for our shareholders by constantly adapting to meet the needs and desires of our customers.

OUr Brand

Fruit Juices have always been a family favourite throughout the Middle East region for their sweet and refreshing qualities. Cool fruit drinks are often served to guests as a welcoming gesture in social gatherings.

Raubi was born as the fruit juice brand of Binghatti Beverages in 2012. The unmatched quality, fresh taste, and wide variety of flavours quickly garnered the market’s attention and helped the brand grow throughout the Middle East. The Raubi product range currently consists of 10 different flavours in a number of unique and convenient packaging styles.


The Raubi product line has all the right products to quench anyone’s thirst. Our fruits are hand-picked from only the best farms and orchards around the world. This intricate process ensures that every fruit meets the Raubi taste, fragrance, and color standards that we strive for.

Corporate social responsibility

At Binghatti Beverages we do not believe in the adage ‘the end justifies the means’, because we believe that the quality and value of the ‘end’ derives directly from the ‘means’ used to achieve it, and specifically how these ‘means’ impact our various stakeholders, including our communities and environment.


We believe in sustainable growth and development which together allow us to conduct business in a manner that is more responsible not only towards the environment, but also towards our future generations. For this reason, all employees and senior management at Binghatti Beverages are encouraged to integrate social responsibility into their cost/benefit model when evaluating actions or decisions. This implies recognising the higher social costs of specific socially-harmful actions and considering unapparent the benefits of specific socially-beneficial actions.

We work towards adopting the latest environmentally-friendly modes of business and production throughout our investments and encourage environmental awareness not just within our environment but also within the communities that we operate.

We ultimately believe that community/society and business should work hand-in-hand in a harmonious rhythm in order to achieve greater prosperity and social stability for all


Such Corporate Social Responsibility  projects are far more replicable, scalable and sustainable, with a significant multiplier impact on sustainable livelihood creation and environmental replenishment. These initiatives are independent of the normal conduct of Binghatti Beverages's business. Programmes, projects and activities carried out in this regard are the subject matter of this Policy.

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