Al Amwaj

Burj Al Amwaj epitomizes the dynamic history of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates. The spectacular architectural design blends historical elements from the traditions and culture of Sharjah with modern, sophisticated design emulating the advancement of the Emirate.


The dramatic design is implemented through a collection of various unit layouts to ensure a perfect fit for all residents. The iconic building will prove to be a tremendous asset for investors and its residents are set to become part of the thriving Al Mamzar community.

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Located just off Sheikh Zayed Road between the Emirates of Dubai and Sharjah, Burj Al Amwaj is positioned prominently as an architectural icon in the Al Mamzar community.


Designed as a tribute to Sharjah’s historic pearl diving tradition, the waviness that composes the building’s facade emulates the glorious waves of the Arabian Gulf that divers and Dhows traditionally endured in search of pearl treasures and prosperous trade.


Blending form with function, the movement of the waves in the building’s structure allow for the aerodynamic travel of wind around the building while also taking the climatic context into consideration to provide cooling shade for the living spaces of the building.

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