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During the preschool years, young children are developing a sense of initiative and creativity. They are curious about the world around them and about learning. They are exploring their ability to create and communicate using a variety of media (crayons, markers, paints and other art materials, blocks, dramatic play materials, miniature life figures) and through creative movement, singing, dancing, and using their bodies to represent ideas and experiences. Digital technologies provide one more outlet for them to demonstrate their creativity and learning.


At the Binghatti Education Smart Playgroup, we recognize this as an extremely important niche in early learning classrooms and we are committed to providing the most cutting edge classroom technology resources and qualified teaching experts from the most reputable programs in the United Kingdom.

Young children are born learners. They love to explore and soak in new experiences. Preschool teachers can use technology to enhance children’s natural curiosity.


When we talk about technology in education, we mean the use of tools or machines in classrooms. Think computers, tablets, and printers. In a preschool classroom, technology can take many forms. The early years are all about figuring things out. Children are developing as learners as they investigate their world, and they’re naturally curious about everything and explore how things work at every turn. A good teacher knows her students need technology, as it provides a way for her students to grow as investigative learners. As such, she uses technology to support learning, and not merely as a teaching tool.

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Kids are crazy for technology! And it’s important to provide early learners with time to simply play, create and use their imaginations. However, teachers must also ensure that students learn to use current technology in this constantly-evolving world. Integrating technology, when done well, not only reinforces key technical skills children need to thrive in the 21stcentury, but it also increases student engagement and enhances learning. Listed below are some of the best trending technology tools that early childhood teachers can use to attain better outcomes in the classroom.

To get the most from the new technology and hold the very short attention spans of little ones, it’s important to avoid technical difficulties and to have a solid understanding of the functions and features of new technology before making use of it. At Binghatti Education Smart Playgroup, we think deeply about how each tool may enhance our students’ abilities to reach their personal goals. Approached properly, technology need not be intimidating. Rather, it can catapult its users to new heights. As teachers, we must embrace the technology that shapes our world. To develop life-long learners in our classrooms, we must be life-long learners ourselves.


The use of technology with young children offers many opportunities for early learning, but we must proceed with caution as a slowly growing body of research helps us to make wise choices. Even as we discover the types of emerging interactive media and teaching strategies that work well in preschool and beyond, we should not forget the enduring truth that young children learn best through direct interaction with people and materials, in activities they choose and shape themselves, and which spur them to reflect on what they are doing and learning. Technology is one, but only one, piece of the early childhood curriculum and at Binghatti Education Smart Playgroup, we intend to use it with balance and creativity.


In today’s technology-filled world, digital literacy, understanding how to find information and communicate with others through digital technology, is vital for both educators and children. Technology is becoming a major component in education, which is why it’s becoming increasingly more important to include technology early education curriculums. You can help children understand how to appropriately use technology while also creating an interactive learning environment that helps children explore the world and learn about their surrounding community.

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