At Binghatti Holding, we stress teamwork in everything we do. We understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts so we focus on building a strong collective and collaborative environment. We believe that teamwork is a catalyst for innovation, synergy, and creativity in an organization and we strive to build strong and lasting relationships within the company.


Innovation and creativity are generously rewarded at Binghatti Holding. We understand that every employee at the company is crucial to our development and expansion and we’ve embraced an open atmosphere where employees are free to express their creativity knowing that their contributions are taken seriously.


Binghatti Holding aims to provide superior products in unprecedented time frames. We resent bureaucracy and actively seek to mitigate it wherever possible. Thanks to our flexible management and organization, we are able to dynamically adapt to market needs and capitalize on opportunities in record times. We focus on eliminating the “middle man” and cutting waste to operate as efficiently and smoothly as possible.


At Binghatti Holding, we take pride in our product and reputation by practicing the strictest quality assurance standards and controls. Our relentless pursuit of perfection is never compromised for the sake of the bottom line. All of our projects are delivered with world class quality and customer service to ensure a high value investment and build a long term relationship with our customers.


Loyalty is deeply rooted in our organizational culture and is clearly reflected in our commitment towards our various stakeholders. At Binghatti Holding we understand that the quality of the final product is a reflection of the ingredients used to create it. We strongly believe in ethical business practices that benefit our customers, communities, and the environment.

Binghatti Cares

At Binghatti Holding we do not believe in the adage ‘the end justifies the means’, because we believe that the quality and value of the ‘end’ derives directly from the ‘means’ used to achieve it, and specifically how these ‘means’ impact our various stakeholders, including our communities and environment.


We believe in sustainable growth and development which together allow us to conduct business in a manner that is more responsible not only towards the environment, but also towards our future generations. For this reason, all employees and senior management at Binghatti Holding are encouraged to integrate social responsibility into their cost/benefit model when evaluating actions or decisions. This implies recognising the higher social costs of specific socially-harmful actions and considering unapparent the benefits of specific socially-beneficial actions.

We work towards adopting the latest environmentally -friendly modes of business and production throughout our investments and encourage environmental awareness not just within our environment but also within the communities that we operate.


We ultimately believe that community/society and business should work hand-in-hand in a harmonious rhythm in order to achieve greater prosperity (including a minimally-polluted environment) and social stability for all.